30 Jun

21: Why I Decided to “Unschool” My Child and Homeschool with Dr. Janelle Alex

21: Why I Decided to “Unschool" My Child and Homeschool with Dr. Janelle Alex

In this episode, Dr. Janelle Alex explains why she decided to homeschool her youngest son, despite sending her older two children through the public school system. Janelle offers important insights into her decision, and gives teachers a few things to think about in regards as to how they might be mis-categorizing students in their classrooms.

Tips from this episode:

  • Learn why Dr. Janelle Alex made the decision to homeschool her youngest child
  • Discover why this parent is now “unschooling” her son–and the impact it is having on his social and academic skills
  • Explore ways in which you might be misinterpreting extremely shy students and referring them for unnecessary educational services

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