21 Jul

What is the backstory behind the title “Breaking the Silence”?


As a teacher, it was very difficult, and almost impossible, to talk about doing what was right in the world of public education, without fear of retaliation from those in the system who didn’t want to “rock the boat.” So, the title fit well, in this instance, because I am now able to speak freely about what is going on behind closed school doors.

On another level though, the title represents a tiny piece from my past–a failed marriage and huge amounts of debt to go along with it. During this time, I was filled with anger, shame, and pain–and so, I stayed silent, trying to work it all out by myself, and never reaching out for help. When I finally broke the silence and told my family I was leaving that marriage, and that I was going to reinvent myself and my life, something amazing shifted within me. And…I vowed never to be silent when I was in so much pain again.

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