10 Health Benefits Of Red Tea

Red tea also known as rooibos tea is made from the bush plant named Aspalathus linearis, which is found in South Africa. This tea is unique in its color and taste. Red tea does not only have unique color or great taste, it has also so many beneficiary properties for our health. Free from caffeine and tannins, red tea can be your ultimate beverage to keep your healthy and sound. Here are 10 top health benefits of red tea that I can bet you didn’t know.

1) Rich in antioxidant

There is a huge presence of polyphenols in red tea.. This component of red tea also hasanti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Antioxidants like polyphenol are known for their free radical destructing abilities. Free radicals are responsible for unusual cell growth that can cause cancer. Another two antioxidant named Aspalathin and Nothofagin present in red tea helps us to boost our immune system and makes better the infection protection system of our body.

2) Beat Insomnia

Red tea is a drink that is absolutely free of caffeine. It is recommended by doctors to treat insomnia as it has sedative qualities.

It can soothe our nervous system when we get stressed or feel anxiety.

3) Treats hypertension

Our nervous system becomes hyperactive in times when we are under too much work pressure. Red tea can make our nervous system back to its normal position with its amazing calming effects. Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure can do serious damage to our cardiovascular health and nervous system. Red tea can help us greatly to maintain our high blood pressure at a normal level.

4) Improves bone health

Calcium, Manganese and Fluoride- these compounds are present in a high level in red tea, which makes it a good beverage for our bone health. These minerals are essential for our bone structure. Calcium and Manganese help our bone to grow stronger and fluoride provides us with stronger teeth. The improved structure of bone can keep you away from bone diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and chronic joint pain. Manganese, on the other hand helps to repair the damages in the bones. Drinking red tea regularly can provide you with good bone structure and strong teeth.

5) Prevents cardiac diseases

Red tea is a potent fighter against cholesterol. It helps our immune and digestive system to reduce the harmful cholesterols. It also promotes the production of good cholesterols like HDL cholesterols in our body. Red tea inhibits the free radicals. It makes our blood thinner and relaxes the arteries that ensures the smooth flow of blood through the body. By doing this, red tea helps us to maintain our blood pressure and keep the cardiovascular health better.

6) Prevents Diabetes

Antioxidants like Aspalatihin present in red tea has abilities to balance the blood sugar level and insulin productionin our body. It can control the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Consuming red tea regularly enables our muscles to absorb glucose properly. All these attributes of red tea lead us to keep away from type two diabetes.

7) Prevents the formation of kidney stone

Many forms of tea contain oxalic acids, which is the key reason for the formationof stones in our kidney. People who have kidney related problems are often told to stay away from drinking tea. But red tea is a beverage that is fully free from oxalic acid. People with kidney problems can drink red tea fearlessly. The cleaning properties of red tea also keep the kidney clean and prevents any kind of crystal formation.

8) Cures allergies

The anti inflammatory properties of red tea can cure allergies like eczema. The phenolic contents red tea contains enables it to fight allergic reactions, hay fever or allergic bronchitis.

9) Anti aging property

Antioxidants of red tea help to improve our immune system. It can fight free radicals which are responsible for skin damage, hair fall and poor bone structure. The antioxidant properties of red tea enable it to slow down the aging process of cell by enabling it to absorb nutritions properly. It has also its magical effect on our neural cells and it can increase our cognitive ability.

10) Skin care

Red tea contains a high amount of alpha hydroxy acid and zinc. These components are very good for our skin health. Applying red tea boiled water to the face can get you relief from problems like acne, pimples and other skin related problems. Alpha hydroxyl acid can also rejuvenate your skin cells and can give you a wrinkle free skin.

Final health guide