How to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Nose: 10 Ways

Whiteheads, they are annoying. They appear on your face without warning, with no seeming cause, in single spots and in clusters. They can really ruin your day, making your perfect face look blemished and like you haven’t cleaned properly (although they aren’t really caused by this). Fortunately, you are not alone; many people have them, which mean that many people have come up with various methods to get rid of whiteheads, both home and natural remedies, and medical remedies or OTC. Here are ten of the best natural and medical remedies to help you get rid of whiteheads.7 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Whiteheads

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil should be one of your first stops on your quest to remove your whiteheads. It is one of the best essential oils containing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which this is a great natural way to get rid of whiteheads. The oil contains properties that help reduce the whitehead causing bacteria, even as effectively as some medical solutions, including benzoyl peroxide. It is available at all major pharmacies, supermarkets or online stores.

To use:

Pour the oil into a cotton ball; fully saturate the ball with the oil.

Apply the oil onto your skin in the affected area twice every day.

Simple but effective, you should start seeing results quickly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an extremely effective method of getting rid of your whiteheads. This is because it has an ingredient that reduces the swelling around it and also helps to heal up whitehead and surrounding tissue.

It is easy to do too:

Get some juice of aloe Vera, you can get this either from the aloe Vera plant itself or you can buy a gel version of it from a store.

Apply the gel or juice into your whiteheads with a cotton ball and let it evaporate into the skin.

This will very quickly heal the whiteheads and will actually help in stopping more from forming, due to the ingredients of the plant.


It may sound strange but toothpaste is an extremely effective remover of whiteheads. It can draw the whitehead out of your skin. What makes it better is that everyone has some toothpaste lying around their house, no need to take a trip to the shop for anything, just head into your bathroom.

To use toothpaste to get rid of whiteheads, follow these steps

Apply a thin layer of paste to the whitehead areas of your skin. You may feel a slight burning sensation, but this is to be expected.

Leave it on your face for at least 25 minutes and then wash it off your face.

The whitehead should be gone now.

Make sure you thoroughly wash your face after removing the toothpaste, as this will remove the buildup that caused the whitehead in the first place.


Rice is another easy to access home remedy for removing your whiteheads, as most people have some rice lying around their house. It is a simple procedure that should easily remove your whiteheads.

Get some rice and soak it in milk for 5 hours.

Pour the rice and milk into a blender, and blend until it has formed a paste.

Apply and scrub it into the affected areas. You should see a significant reduction in your whiteheads.

Baking Soda

Almost everyone has some baking soda in their home, or you can easily get it a store and it is an effective way to get rid of whiteheads. Follow the steps below for it to be effective:

Prepare some baking soda and water, equal parts each.

Rub the mixture onto your face and areas prone to whiteheads.

Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off using warm water.

Fix Your Diet

A common cause of whiteheads is poor diet; they are caused by a buildup of oil so certain foods can enhance the buildup of oil on your face and cause an outbreak.

Follow these simple steps to improve your diet, and hopefully reduce your whiteheads.

Cut out fried foods, they are full of oil and one of the worst culprits for causing a buildup.

Increase intake of vegetables and fruit, these help regulate your skin and keep it healthier.

Eat lots of lean protein like Chicken, these don’t have any additives and so are less likely to cause skin issues.

Try cutting out individual foods from your diet and seeing if that makes a difference, your whiteheads could be caused by some kind of food allergy and so be removing foods one by one you can see what be exacerbating your symptoms.

Cut out any sugary sweets (for example Haribo), these contain many additives that can wreak havoc with your skin.

Use None Oil Cosmetics

As we’ve been saying repeatedly, build up of oil is a strong contributor in causing whiteheads, so you want to whatever you can to avoid it. One of the biggest culprits of causing a build up of oil is in cosmetic products – makeup being especially problematic, as it goes on your face.

Fortunately, we’re not suggesting that you give up makeup (or other skin care products that you might use that currently contain oil). Just that you follow these steps to ensure a healthy use of cosmetic and skin care products:

Choose only cosmetics and skin care products that do not contain any oil, these are called “non-comedogenic”, look for that word on the label and you will know that you have found an oil free product.

Wash all cosmetics off at the end of every day. If you leave them on while you are asleep, you are allowing oil buildup and potentially causing more whiteheads.3 Medical Remedies to Get Rid of Whiteheads


Extractor is available in most pharmacies; this small tool will remove whiteheads a lot more hygienic than with your fingers. To use them simply:

Steam your face for 4-8 minutes.

Wash your hands.

Sterilize the device with alcohol.

Push down around the whitehead with the device; it will cause it to pop out.

This will prevent infections that you might get using your sterilized fingers.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This over the counter remedy can help with whiteheads, after you have applied it to your face, it prevents the buildup of whiteheads by reducing oil production of your skin.

Salicylic Acid

There are a variety of products containing salicylic acid available over the counter. It is the most effective medical remedy that removes whiteheads rather than prevents them. After you have applied it to your skin, it will actually break down the whitehead, causing it to disappear. You would then apply benzoyl peroxide to prevent further whiteheads from developing.

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