Sleeping pills may well shorten your life

No doubt you will have already seen in the press worldwide that in depth    research and tests have proven that sleeping pills can be very dangerous toour health. So dangerous in fact that they may well shorten our lives by a considerable amount. Leave these drugs alone and look for safer methods to cure any sleep disorders you may have. Stick to natural insomnia cures as not surprisingly there is no evidence to my knowledge that there is any chance of these methods affecting your health.

The warning is loud and clear as to what dangers we can submit ourselves to if we consume these hazardous pills and drugs that might aid sleep But always bear in mind this is not natural sleep but more like being made unconscious, just like being given an anesthetic prior to an operation. We arenow told that these drugs can damage your health and could cause death from cancer, heart disease, or other illnesses.

So please consider this warning!!

Sleeping pills are dangerous and may shorten your life considerably.

Much better to stick with natural insomnia cures!

I have been concerned for many years about the dangers of sleeping pills and any sleep inducing drugs. Look what happened to Michael Jackson for heavens sake!! I have written many articles on natural insomnia cures and sleep disorders. Always I have constantly warned of the dangers that could be associated with any sleep inducing drugs and pills. Not just the recent threat to lifespan but the real danger of also becoming addicted to them.

Some of the sleeping pills that have so far been apparently investigated are, zolpidem possibly better known as Ambien, Zaleplon maybe known as Sonata, Eszopiclone known as Lunesta and Temazepam knwn as Restoril.

Apparently the majority of the patients in the investigation were taking zolpidem or temazepam. There is only minimal data available regarding the other pills and drugs.

Other main category drugs like benzodiazepines that will include triazolam better known maybe as Halcion and flurazepam also known as Dalmane.

Additionally barbiturates, and sedative antihistamines such as diphenhydramine maybe better known as Benadryl.

The list above is quite complex but you may just spot a drug that has been prescribed to you. All the above were stated as being possible of reducing life span significantly and may also contribute to diseases like cancer. It would have been nice to arrange the above drugs in order of which was thesafest but that ivformation was not available at the moment.

There is another list of drugs and sleeping pills that apparently can have a marked effect on our life expectancy.

Barbiturates (In particular phenobarbital). Estazolam, Eszopiclone, Flurazepam, Temazepam, Triazolam, Quazepam, Zaleplon and fonally Zolpidem.

Please note these products are in alphabetical order and not in order of any dangers. Another sleeping pill popular outsidr the United States zopicloneis half eszopiclone although not included in the study should be treated with caution and discussed carefully with a qualified medical practitioner if its usage is to continue.

So in conclusion it would seem that those people taking sleeping pills and other drugs may well die at an earlier age than those who are practicing natural insomnia cures and avoiding pills and drugs. Also there is the possible risk of contracting cancers and other serious diseses

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