What is the cause of tooth decay?

Most parents don’t have a single idea on what is the cause of tooth decay in their children.

Tooth decay can be defined as a process that leads to tooth cavity (dental caries). It takes place when germs inside the mouth area make acids that consume part of the tooth. If not taken care of, cavities may cause discomfort, infection, and in extreme cause loss of tooth.

You can actually stop tooth decay by cleaning your teeth frequently, seeing your dental practitioner for teeth clean-up and regular examinations, and staying away from food items which have sugar high volume.

A combination of germs and some specific type of foods are the major cause of tooth decay. A sticky substance known as plaque which has germs is always forming in the gums and teeth. The germs are nourished by the sugars in foods we eat, and they generate acid also. The acids harm the teeth for able twenty minutes or even more following eating. With time, these acids damage the tooth enamel, and causing cavities.

How tooth decay evolves

The mouth is loaded with germs, which mix with tiny food particles and saliva to create a sticky film called plaque, which covers the tooth.

Whenever you drink and eat food full of carbohydrates (sugary or starchy), the germs in plaque change the carbohydrates into energy they require to grow and simultaneously creating acid in the mouth.

Eventually, the acid build up in the plaque starts to collapse the outer lining of the teeth.

The plaque will begin to deteriorate the teeth enamel. With time, a little hole referred to as a tooth cavity can build up. This leads to tooth ache.

As soon as tooth decay has formed inside the teeth enamel, the plaque and germs can get to the dentine. Because the dentine is much softer compared to the teeth enamel, the whole process of cavities increases.

Without proper treatment, plaque and germs will go into the pulp. At this point, the nerves will come in contact with germs, making the teeth to become very discomforting. The germs could also contaminate tissue inside the pulp, resulting in a dental abscess.

Cavities usually occur in the teeth at the back of the mouth, the molars and premolars teeth are the first to get infected. They are big flat tooth used in chewing food. Because of their shape and size, particles of food can easily get trapped in between them. Also, they are more difficult to clean up.

It is actually more regular for the front tooth to be prone to cavities when it’s coming in contact with an additional tooth beside it.


Consuming drink and food full of carbohydrates, especially in between meals, is a major cause of tooth decay.

The cause of tooth decay is usually related to sticky and sweet drink and food, for example candy, sweets, sugar and carbonated beverages. Food high in starch, for instance crisps, salty snacks white bread, and cookies also have large amounts of carbohydrates.

Smoking cigarettes

People who smoke have a very greater possibility of developing teeth cavities as cigarette smoke decreases the creation of saliva, which assists in keeping the surface area of the teeth fresh. Research has also revealed passive cigarette smoking could be a risk element, especially for kids.

Bad dental hygiene

If you don’t frequently clean your teeth, you happen to be at a greater risk of tooth decay. You need to brush at least two times daily.

Having a Dry up mouth area

Individuals who have ‘abnormal’ low amounts of saliva are in greater risk of developing cavities; due to the fact that saliva keeps the top area of the teeth clean.

There are numerous drugs and treatments that reduce the quantity of saliva inside the mouth. For instance:tricyclic anti-depressantsantipsychotic medicationsbeta-blockers (employed to deal with several heart disease)

In case you are using a drugs or undergoing treatment that cause the mouth to dry up you could take water more often, and ensure you’ve got a good dental hygiene regimen.

Tooth Decay – Signs and symptoms

After knowing the cause of tooth decay, are there any major or noticeable symptoms and signs of tooth decay.

Typically tooth decay doesn’t give any sign till the tooth is infected or tooth cavity has develop. At this point, signs and symptoms include things like:

Tooth pain, which is definitely the most commonly encountered sign. A discomfort or infection of your tooth pulp often results in the pain.

A cracked tooth or even a tooth that’s responsive to pressure.

White, brown, grey, or black spots around the teeth.

The discomfort could become more painful whenever you:

Consuming cold or hot foods or consuming hot, cold, or acidic drinks, for example citrus fruit beverages.

Serious tooth decay might result in a pus-filled sac (abscess) to develop inside the bone just at the bottom of a tooth.

The cause of tooth decay will be mostly things that can be prevented by observing proper dental hygiene and regular dental check-up.

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